The new L.B.M. 1911 capsule collection, Blackout, was created to meet the needs of appealing to the new generations and it's now available in our online store. Inspired by the idea of a generational shift and the concept of resetting that emerged in the 2000s, the collection interprets minimalism and modernity through a black and white color scheme. It features stylist and trendy contemporary garments with slim shapes and volumes, using jersey and cotton with skillful textures. The collection's dichromatic palette, which includes black and white, subtly incorporates hints of taupe as a bold and impactful color that resonates with multiple generations. 

The trousers are made of a soft fabric and, when the tuxedos are paired high-top sneakers, along with the inclusion of denim, they signal a clear departure from previous collections and an extension of the brand's lineup. This dialogue showcases a thoughtful balance between the brand’s heritage and current trends to create timeless and distinctive pieces. The linings, buttons, and labels represent the brand in a minimal but easily recognizable way, expressing both the brand's identity and that of those who wear it.